Here we are adding links to the latest additions to the website

Residual Pressure Valve Kit added 27/05/14

A new type of Limited Slip Diff. AXL202 added 12/10/12

All types of alloy fuel tanks FUL201 added 02/11/12

Unique Front Crank Damper BEN219 added 02/11/12

Double Acting Telescopic Gas Shock Absorbers AXL413 added 29/01/13

Stag Hydraulic Release Bearing kit GER102 added 29/01/13

Uprated Coil Springs AXL414 added 31/01/13

Uprated Thrust Washers BEN220 added 31/01/13

Fingertip Control Conversion TR2,3 and 3A. Added 08/02/13

Uprated Radiator TR2,3 and 4. Added 10/05/13

Second hand parts Added 16/05/13

ARP Fasteners Added 30/05/13

Dynamo look-alike alternator Added 06/06/13

Roll Over Hoops Added 12/06/13

TR6 Project Added 13/06/13

TR6 Radiator Added 21/06/13

Stainless Steel Tank Added 03/07/13

Composite Head Gasket Added 08/07/13 Updated 01/08/13

Uprated Girling Half Shafts and Hubs Added 06/08/13